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Slotting Management Tool [New Products]

Sept. 16, 2015
InconsoSLM is a slotting management tool for optimizing the warehouse organization.

Inconso has introduced InconsoSLM, a slotting management tool for optimizing the warehouse organization. By determining the most suitable warehouse and pick location, the system helps ensure efficient store-ins and store-outs.

InconsoSLM is a tool for optimizing the planning of the warehouse organization and calculates the efficient distribution of goods and goods classes to the available areas and locations on the basis of iterative evaluation procedures. The system considers the individual warehouse and goods properties, e.g., storage capacities, pick paths and sequences as well as the goods groups properties, quantity and weight.

The system can also react flexibly to new warehouse situations such as the addition of new products, product lines and customers. In addition, it considers the different factors for optimized warehouse planning. Along with shorter processing times and increased picking speeds, warehouse ergonomics can also significantly improve.

InconsoSLM enables the process-oriented handling of existing data, the optimized utilization of existing capacities and the consideration of additional parameters on site. Source data can be statistics data from the WMS or ERP system as well as forecast data. The data required by the system is also factored into the new calculation of the ABC classes, which are transmitted to WMS for comprehensive efficiency improvement. If required, the pick sequences can be determined and transferred to the WMS. What-if scenarios can be carried out via a simulation tool without affecting the existing master data.

The solution is suited for warehouses whose product spectrum and quantities are subject to seasonal fluctuations. Flexible configuration options enable the use of the system when warehousing conditions change (re-slotting), for a high fluctuation rate of the goods assortment (e.g., if the goods expire quickly) and for the setup of additional warehouses. As a stand-alone solution, the system can be connected to any warehouse management and ERP system.

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