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Retail RFID Loss-Prevention Solution [New Products]

Nov. 10, 2015
Jamison RFID and CYBRA Corporation have introduced CYBRA-Hawk, an RFID-based loss prevention and inventory management solution designed for retailers.

Jamison RFID and CYBRA Corporation have introduced the new CYBRA-Hawk RFID-based EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) loss prevention and inventory management solution custom designed for the special requirements of retailers.

CYBRA-Hawk combines CYBRA’s EdgeMagic RFID Control software platform with Jamison RFID’s Hawk RFID all-in-one read station to deliver an end-to-end retail solution that allows companies to track goods from the manufacturer or distribution center, to the point of sale (POS) using a single UHF RFID tag. Using the CYBRA-Hawk solution, retailers can help prevent theft and shrink with real-time, RFID-based electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology, as well as track and manage inventory at the item level across the supply chain.

With the CYBRA-Hawk solution, items are tagged at the point of manufacture and tracked across the supply chain. At the retail store level, the solution can be used to receive items, to automate inventory counts on the shelf, to prevent theft, and finally for POS check-out. The combined EAS/RFID tag helps eliminate manual counts and bar code scanning, while still providing high levels of security and anti-theft functionality. For small and mid-sized retailers, CYBRA-Hawk provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional EAS solutions, while also providing inventory management features that can accelerate their return on investment (ROI).

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