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New Drive Technology Helps Improve Conveyor Efficiency

Feb. 9, 2016
A direct drive system for conveyor systems is one-quarter the size of a geared drive, yet has increased torque and efficiency.

A new compact direct drive technology, originally developed for electric bikes and fans, enables conveyor drives and other material handling systems to double their speed range and achieve 60% higher energy efficiency over conventional conveyor drives.

The manufacturer, Electric Torque Machines, which has developed the system with Dorner Manufacturing Corp., says they are 20% less expensive as well.

Dorner is launching its direct drive conveyor system this February.

“Electric Torque Machines’ technology has simplified our conveyor drive package offering, cut out SKU count almost in half, and cut our costs considerably,” says James Lubow, Dorner’s product manager. “The simplified design and SKU reduction is beneficial for our customers as they are stocking fewer service parts and can use this universally across our largest conveyor line.  With many customers running their plants 24/7 we expect them to benefit greatly from this reliable system.”

The technology eliminates the need for a gearbox, because it uses motors that generate high torque even at low rotational speeds – so no gearbox is needed. This has an immediate impact on efficiency.

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