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Yard Management System [New Products]

May 30, 2016
C3 Solutions has launched its new yard management system, C3 Yard, offering real-time visibility on yard activity.

C3 Solutions has launched its new yard management system, C3 Yard, the newest component of its SaaS logistics optimization product suite, C3 Hub.

Features of C3 Yard include:

• Multi-site—allows customers to manage their yard operations at the enterprise level.

• User friendly features including drag and drop yard driver task creation, mobile applications and business rules automation.

• Real-time visibility on yard activity: color-codes, zoom function, complete yard inventory, exportable trailer lists and one-click access to vehicle details and history.

• Alerts on trailer maintenance, idle assets, late arrivals/departures, refused shunter tasks and other time-sensitive events based on priorities and user preferences.

• Reports and dashboards on key performance indicators such as driver productivity, gate activity, trailer status, time in yard, dock door usage, etc. C3 Yard’s data store also allows customers to build their own reports.

• Integration to other supply chain systems such as TMS and WMS for increased automation and extended visibility.

• Yard Driver process optimization through automated task assignment and optimized trailer movements. Reduce bobtail and eliminate radio communications with C3 Yard's shunter management features.

• Business rules engines that drive yard operations based on unique yard processes

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