Android-based Rugged Device

Oct. 17, 2017
Honeywell has introduced the Mobility Edge Platform, a hardware and software platform for the next generation of its mobile computers.

Honeywell has introduced a hardware and software platform for the next generation of its mobile computers. The Mobility Edge Platform comprises common hardware architecture and a suite of tools on which Honeywell and its partners will build future mobility solutions, which include rugged handheld computers, wearable devices, voice-directed technology, tablets and vehicle-mounted computers.

The platform is designed for Google's Android operating system. The common platform provides consistency across Honeywell's next-generation devices and will make it easier for users to upgrade current models, manage device refreshes and deploy software applications.

Honeywell has also announced the Dolphin CT60 handheld computer, the first new mobile device to run on the Mobility Edge Platform. The rugged device is designed for transportation, logistics and retail workers and offers an extended battery life, high-performance scanning and other productivity features.

The Mobility Edge Platform features:

  • Support for four generations of Android – Nougat through Q;
  • A common architecture approach to allow users to develop, test and certify an application just once for deploying to devices;
  • Productivity-optimizing tools to increase data capture speed and improve the way workers communicate securely;
  • A battery runtime maximizer to allow users to extend daily usage of the device by adjusting performance characteristics according to their specific needs;
  • Integrated functions for scanning and voice communications;
  • A rapid provisioning suite for faster, easier deployment of new devices and reduced deployment costs;
  • Enterprise lifecycle tools to optimize device uptime.

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