Small-Batch Production Cart

May 15, 2018
Creform Corp. has developed a cart to support small-batch production of parts through a multi-stage manufacturing process.

Creform Corp. has developed a cart to support small-batch production for an auto parts manufacturer. The cart, designed in a ‘Lazy Susan’-like configuration, carries batches of parts through a multi-stage manufacturing process to produce fully assembled blower units which are a subassembly for a larger HVAC module. The cart shelves rotate to allow access to the various parts.

The cart features three levels. Each level has 20 positions for damage-free handling and secure transport of parts. Each circular level features lightweight corrugated plastic then foam dunnage on top with cut-outs to match the diameter of the parts being handled. Each level is free to rotate so the operator can move the parts into position for retrieval/replacement, while each of the three levels of product presentation is in the ergonomic “strike zone” for operator convenience and productivity.

The cart features four 6 in. dia. casters with urethane wheels for stable and safe movement. The wheels lend themselves to easy movement of the structure for transportation from the warehouse through the various manufacturing stations in the facility. They can be repositioned among the stations by associates with a handle that is situated across the entire back of the cart. For added stability, when the need arises, two of the casters feature brakes that can be engaged for secure positioning.

The cart carries a 48 in. x 60 in. footprint and is designed to hold up to 350 lb. Higher capacity and custom cart sizes are possible as are a variety of colors for visual identification by department, product line, shift and associate. They can be configured for ESD (anti-static) applications as well.

Creform Corp.

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