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Heavy-Duty AGV

July 24, 2018
Creform Corp. has developed an AGV that transfers unit loads to powered conveyors for automatic load transfers.

vThe heavy-duty FH-B50066 bolt-on AGV drive features standard bi-directional drive. 

The AGV features a single-powered conveyor deck situated at 14 in. transfer height. Mechanical load-safety stops drop down when pulling into conveyor stations to allow transfers, then rise up when leaving to ensure the load is secure for transport. The parts are transferred off both ends of the AGV.

In this application, the overall footprint of the unit is 63 in. long x 55 in. wide (1600mm x 1400mm) and travels at a 164 Ft./Min. (50 M/Min.) maximum speed. The unit has a capacity of 1460 lb. (660kg).

Each end of the vehicle follows an approximately 160 ft. long magnetic guidepath to ensure accurate and repeatable tracking in space restrictive areas and accurate conveyor alignment for transfers. The vehicle stops and starts automatically and maintains a home position at the upstream process until it is released by an associate.  It then travels, deposits the load and returns.

Photo eyes are used for secure load verification while the AGV is traveling.  Any load shift is detected and will stop the AGV.

The AGV is PLC controlled and features an HMI touch-screen for user and maintenance interface. Operator interface panels include push buttons at both the front and rear of the unit. It uses floor positioned RFID tags for routing, speed changes and obstacle sensor-view changes.

The power pack is a 24-volt system powered by two easy-access 12V TPPL batteries, covered, and with side-mounted opportunity charging to automatically maintain peak performance levels. The opportunity charging system minimizes the need for the user to change batteries as they are automatically charged by just pulling into the charging station positioned along the route. No human intervention is necessary. 

Creform Corp.

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