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Asset Telemetry Solutions

Dec. 20, 2018
I.D. Systems has launched a line of asset telemetry solutions, interoperable sensors, an interactive voice-user interface and an image-based cargo visibility detector.

I.D. Systems Inc. has launched a line of asset telemetry solutions, a suite of interoperable sensors, as well as an interactive voice-user interface for accessing the power of I.D. Systems’ analytics platform without the need to manually run reports. This launch includes an image-based cargo visibility detector.

The I.D. Systems LV Asset Tracking and Freight Visibility Series gives users real-time updates into their freight through imagery and environmental sensors. Driven by wireless sensor integration and visual image confirmation, the LV Series monitors the condition and status of the cargo including temperature, humidity and shock, and tracks the asset’s location, loaded levels, tire pressure, anti-lock braking system lights, and other elements.

The three asset tracking models (LV-100, LV-300 and LV-500) vary according to power management technology such as a long-life primary battery, rechargeable battery, or dual-power source. Each includes I.D. Systems’ drive-segment detection and well as time-based and sensor-event reporting. They also incorporate wireless sensing of both LV-710, LV-720 and LV-730 on-asset sensors as well as LV-740 pallet-level sensors.

The LV-710 is a patent-pending, wireless high-definition camera, image recognition processor, door sensor and cargo-area environmental sensor that integrates with the family of LV primary asset tracking devices, and the YardView smart phone app. When utilized with LV-740 pallet sensors, the LV-710 can also detect and report if and where pallets are loaded, as well as environmental alerts (e.g. temperature, etc.), to deliver complete cargo visibility.

Lucy is an integrated voice-activated system that provides dynamic interaction with a fleet’s asset and cargo database. Lucy leverages its voice-activation technology with the Bing search engine to provide users with up-to-the-minute traffic, weather and other valuable updates along planned or existing routes.

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