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Wearables for WMS

Dec. 3, 2019
Zebra Technologies has introduced FulfillmentEdge and two wearable devices—a head-mounted display and a ring scanner.

Zebra Technologies has introduced Zebra FulfillmentEdge, a warehouse mobile software solution, and two new wearable devices (head-mounted display and ring scanner) to modernize the warehouse operations and to meet the needs of the on-demand economy.

Offering a user experience that leverages Zebra’s Android-based mobile computers and optional accessories like the new enterprise-class HD4000 head-mounted display (shown), Zebra FulfillmentEdge transforms existing warehouse management systems (WMS) by enabling real-time dynamic workflows and routing mobile workers for picking, packing and put-away.

Zebra has also introduced the single-finger RS5100 wireless ring scanner, providing mobile workers with an ultra-light hands-free scanning option for increased productivity in industrial environments.

The rugged, monocular HD4000 head-mounted display is an optional accessory for select mobile computers capable of running the FulfillmentEdge solution. It tethers via USB, providing all-day power and increased productivity to warehouse, manufacturing and field service workers who can benefit from hands-free, directed-action workflows.

The RS5100 Bluetooth ring scanner helps improve worker productivity by freeing up workers’ hands for inventory management, picking, packing and sorting applications in industrial environments. Zebra’s smallest and lightest ring scanner offers a long battery life and features a single-sided- or double-trigger to enable workers to use gloves or bare hands for all-day comfort. It also supports NFC tap-to-pair with most Zebra enterprise-class Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices and offers 1D/2D omnidirectional scanning to maximize worker productivity.

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