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5G GPS Smart Label

May 23, 2024
Roambee has introduced a 5G GPS ‘peel-and-ship’ smart label.

Roambee has introduced a 5G GPS ‘peel-and-ship’ smart label. This 4-inch x 6-inch smart label offers a barcode-like user experience, leveraging advanced 5G, GPS, and NIST calibrated sensors for temperature, humidity, shock, and light.

Designed for single-journey applications, its disposable nature provides enterprises with real-time visibility into secondary distribution networks, direct-to-customer deliveries, and end-to-end product flow insights.

By seamlessly integrating with Roambee’s unified visibility platform, the solution offers insights into ETA, quality, and security of shipments across 100% of the supply chain.

The label’s peel-and-ship experience mimics the simplicity of using a barcode label while eliminating the need for infrastructure like printers. This prevents alterations to existing shipping processes. Global connectivity through 5G offers flexibility in updating tracking frequencies to suit various logistical needs.

The smart label conforms to standard shipping label dimensions for unification with shipping labels.


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