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3PL Warehouse Integration Platform

June 3, 2024
Kinimatic has introduced WareView, a centralized, cloud-based 3PL inventory and warehouse integration platform.

Kinimatic has introduced WareView, a centralized, cloud-based 3PL (third-party logistics) inventory and warehouse integration platform. This single hub system offers importers visibility and control of inbound and outbound freight data across Kinimatic’s national network of 3PL warehouses, as well as any other warehousing in their ecosystem.

WareView simplifies warehouse system integrations for importers from various industries, particularly those involved in fulfillment and e-commerce. By eliminating siloed 3PL warehouse data, the centralized system ensures greater efficiency and a holistic view of inventory and logistics operations. Shippers can access real-time inventory tracking, manage inbound and outbound freight moves, view a facility map with live SKU-level details, and utilize advanced analytics.

WareView also integrates with shopping platforms, parcel carriers and outbound trucking 3PLs to further enhance operational efficiency and streamline logistics processes. It provides data insights for: incoming shipments; allocating resources for inbound cargo; optimizing inventory levels and improving inventory accuracy; demand forecasting; logistics network optimization; advanced warehouse routing management; order management and multichannel integrations; reviewing inventory aging data; and identifying issues and bottlenecks.


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