Automated Inventory Control [New Products]

Automated Inventory Control [New Products]

ServiceChannel has introduced ServiceChannel Supply Manager, which is designed to automate and standardize enterprise-wide purchasing of equipment, parts and supplies. Supply Manager helps facilities managers maintain brand consistency across all sites, optimizes cost and inventory control, while adhering to corporate compliance and purchasing policies.

Facilities managers can use Supply Manager as an extensive, customized online catalog to consolidate their many and diverse parts, equipment and materials suppliers who support their local branch and site locations. Supply Manager integrates seamlessly with the ServiceChannel Service Automation platform to correlate repair and maintenance work orders to strategic sourcing requirements such as spend control, quality assurance and tracking warranties. Supply Manager achieves this through a variety of self-service features such as a personalized online shopping experience, guided/policy-driven purchases, role-based access controls, automated workflow management and paperless purchasing and invoicing.

Approved suppliers are able to integrate their catalogs and online platforms directly with Supply Manager, providing benefits such as automatic shipping notification, improving purchase order reliability, and overall reduction of administrative time and complexity.

ServiceChannel Supply Manager is available now as an optional module in the ServiceChannel Service Automation suite via a software license.


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