Automatic Pallet Truck Conveyor System [New Products]

Automatic Pallet Truck Conveyor System [New Products]

SI Systems has introduced a Lo-Tow pallet truck in-floor conveyor system to help improve operator productivity and accuracy. Operators load their pallet trucks and bring it over to the nearest towline station. They scan the destination, engage the towpin in seconds and the pallet truck is automatically delivered to the correct location in minutes, eliminating all human interaction.

The Lo-Tow in-floor towline conveyor system can be used in such places as distribution centers, cross-docking centers, mail or package sorting centers, manufacturing, production and assembly areas.

By integrating multiple areas or zones within a facility with the Lo-Tow conveyor, operators can work zones and pass pallet trucks to other zones and their operators. This helps to eliminate dead-heading and wasted walking time.

Picking and passing the pallet trucks automatically between zones also reduces floor traffic, which aids in the safety and productivity of a fork truck fleet and staff.

The same installed towline conveyor system can be used for pallet trucks, roller carts, custom carriers and other devices. Because the Lo-Tow in-floor conveyor system is flush with the floor, traffic can move over the conveyor when not in use.

SI Systems


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