Bar Code Symbol Test Card [New Products]

Bar Code Symbol Test Card [New Products]

Applied Image Inc. has introduced the ISO 15426-1 Primary Reference Test Card for UPC-EAN Bar Code Symbol Verifier. This test card provides all of the primary reference symbols specified by ISO 15426-1 for bar code verifiers.

Each card contains eight precision 1-D bar codes: one EAN standard - EAN-13 Grade 4(A); and seven UPC codes: UPC-A Grade 4(A); Defect Void Grade 1(D); Decodability Edge Grade 1(D); Modulation Grade 1(D); Defect Spot Grade 1(D); Contrast Grade 1(D); and six calibration reflectance patches.

Each card is manufactured, calibrated and individually serialized in accordance with ISO 15416-1 and ANSI X3.182 standards. The calibration of each symbol is NIST Traceable for reflectance and linear dimensions and Judge Certified.

Applied Image Inc.


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