Battery Charger Installed with Walkie Pallet Trucks [New Products]

Battery Charger Installed with Walkie Pallet Trucks [New Products]

The Raymond Corporation is offering the NexSys battery and charger system from EnerSys factory-direct with select orders of its walkie pallet and stacker trucks. This system, sold through Raymond Sales and Service Centers, is available fully installed as well as ready to integrate into existing systems and lift trucks.

The battery and charger system features a high-frequency charger and sealed thin-plate technology batteries, which do not require service and can perform in opportunity-charging environments. NexSys can fully recharge in three hours versus conventional battery and charger systems that take eight hours or more to fully recharge.

In addition, NexSys can benefit operators of Raymond lift trucks who operate outside a warehouse, such as on a delivery dock, where they need reliable power to complete a task and have minimal time to maintain batteries.

The Raymond Corp.



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