Battery-Powered Mover [New Products]

Battery-Powered Mover [New Products]

DJ Products has introduced the CartCaddy5WP HD, battery-powered, motorized material handling solution that can push, pull, or maneuver carts or equipment weighing up to 50,000 pounds. The CartCaddy5WP HD is the heavy-duty upgrade to the CartCaddy5WP.

New and improved design features include:

  • More weight over the drive tires increases traction, allowing the powered cart mover to push and pull heavier loads.
  • The 5th wheel arm electric lift kit can be raised and lowered to securely attach a custom cart attachment to the bottom of any cart. When securely attached, the Cart Caddy 5WP HD pivots a full 180 degrees without jack-knifing the cart.
  • Changeover downtime is minimized with “Quick Connect” options for fast-paced production environments.
  • To optimize in-service time, a 36 volt system is standard with three 12-volt batteries, for eight hours of continuous use (typically two full shifts).

One of the most common applications of the CartCaddy5WP HD is moving carts with two straight casters and two front swivel casters. When attached to the swivel caster end, the CartCaddy5WP HD provides the pushing and pulling power needed for turning and smooth, safe maneuvering in most industrial or warehouse facilities.

DJ Products Inc.


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