Bulk Material Handling Solution [New Products]

Bulk Material Handling Solution [New Products]

Rail-Veyor Global provides material haulage solutions to a broad range of users, including the global, multi-billion ton mining, aggregates and energy sectors. The Rail-Veyor system combines conventional heavy rail haulage and conveyors systems and truck haulage to create a flexible and functional alternative for materials transport.

Semi-cylindrical cars are linked by flexible flaps, preventing leakage and forming an open trough capable of continuous movement along light rail track. Energy-efficient electrical drive stations are distributed along the rail line, providing forward thrust by driving horizontal tires in contact with the car side plates.

Rail-Veyor systems offer design flexibility, due to use of light rail and system layout flexibility/operational at grades up to 20%, reducing infrastructure preparation time and cost relative to grade-limited rail and truck haulage.

Rail-Veyor Global


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