Cargo Handling System [New Products]

Cargo Handling System [New Products]

Rolflor Systems, a company that manufactures automated cargo handling systems (CHSs) featuring a “live floor” belt-conveyor custom-built directly into 53-foot tractor trailers, has developed a self-contained diesel-powered solution for use in locations not equipped with electrical power sources for loading and unloading cargo. The diesel option is suitable for logistics applications such as natural disaster areas, emergency-response operations, defense logistics, in-field distribution and warehouse operations.

The diesel system can move 50,000 lbs. in less than five minutes and complements Rolflor’s electric-powered CHS used to support manufacturers’ JIT production strategies, or to deliver or haul product from warehouses more efficiently than traditional systems which require forklifts to enter the tractor trailer.

Operating the Rolflor system is a four-step process:

1) Tractor trailer arrives at the loading dock and connects to a power source or uses on-board diesel power.

2) Tractor trailer is loaded with palletized or bulk cargo in continuous or indexed sequence. Operator uses push-button control.

3) CHS moves freight onto unloading dock for handling by forklift operator.

4) Forklift operator moves cargo to appropriate location in warehouse.

Rolflor Systems


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