Carton Packaging Solution that Eliminates Outer Boxes [New Products]

Carton Packaging Solution that Eliminates Outer Boxes [New Products]

Sealed Air Corp. has launched its StealthWrap ultra durable cartoning solution, a patented micro-layer, opaque cartoning alternative which allows primary package cartons to be protected for transit without the need for outer boxes or additional packaging materials.

StealthWrap provides security and protection while eliminating the need for extra shipping cartons and packing materials. When applied, StealthWrap shrinks and adheres to the dimensions of the product, obscures any markings or identification of the product inside, and provides a strong, damage-resistant covering.

XPO Logistics, a provider of transportation and supply chain solutions, is the first to bring this packaging solution to market in the logistics industry. XPO is deploying StealthWrap in several distribution centers where it fulfills and ships e-commerce orders for customers.

Sealed Air Corp.


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