Carton Singulator [New Products]

Carton Singulator [New Products]

Dematic has introduced a carton singulator that aligns skewed and “side-by-side” cartons for proper orientation prior to sorting. This solution can be retrofitted into existing convey and sort systems or implemented with new convey and sort systems.

The singulator is designed to improve carton orientation and alignment, helping to optimize the performance of the downstream sorter. Using this carton alignment solution could also assist in improving merge performance and maximize system uptime.

The Dematic singulator conveyor is modular and compact. It is only 24 feet (7 meters) in length; this layout allows the module to fit into most existing systems. Installation of the singulator can occur during off-shift timeframes so daily operations are not affected. It can also be installed into existing convey and sort systems provided by other suppliers.



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