Cloud-Based Shipment Visibility in Real-Time [New Products]

Cloud-Based Shipment Visibility in Real-Time [New Products]

Ryder System Inc. has launched Ryder NaviShare, a cloud-based platform that provides real-time shipment visibility, tracking matching and sharing of truck capacity.

The technology is accessible through a customer-facing website and mobile application that utilizes cellular and GPS technology to link shippers with onboard vehicle technologies. The system provides real-time visibility and event management capabilities to shippers, and delivers information updates and routing instructions to drivers.

NaviShare provides real-time information regarding load status, tracking status, carriers, shippers, customers, origins, and destinations. The underlying visibility technology behind this platform was developed in partnership with FourKites, a provider of real-time tracking and supply chain visibility solutions.

A user—which can be a shipper, carrier/driver, or dispatcher—is able to toggle among multiple features for each load, including stops, maps, updates, and messages. If there is a delay in a shipment while in transit, NaviShare alerts the shipper and recipient, and provides the shipper with a list of re-routing options. The software application also has the capability to track shipments at a SKU/part level and to monitor the condition of the load.

The NaviShare platform is transportation management system-agnostic.

Ryder System Inc.


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