Cognitive Apps for Supply Chain Management [New Products]

Cognitive Apps for Supply Chain Management [New Products]

FusionOps has introduced a suite of next-generation cognitive applications that apply machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and capitalize on opportunities that optimize business performance. The new applications are an extension of the company’s suite of supply chain solutions.

Key features of the new FusionOps cognitive applications include:

Search: Advanced search enables business users to find information about products, customers, plants, business units and other critical terms in real-time without any knowledge of the underlying systems or data – similar to how a consumer uses Google Search – in order to make quick decisions and uncover new opportunities. The FusionOps platform indexes and stores all relevant supply chain data from across disparate enterprise systems, (SAP, Oracle JDA,, etc.) and external data sources (suppliers, customers, etc.).

Supply Chain Opportunities: Rules-based data mining and machine learning continuously evaluates data and identifies new opportunities for operational supply chain improvement. Automatically generated findings are prioritized based on financial and strategic outcomes. An example of this would be automatically identifying opportunities to reduce inventory across thousands of SKUs (and by extension, reduce working capital), without impacting customer service levels.

Supply Chain Actions: The FusionOps cognitive applications will recommend actions to improve supply chain performance and will be able to automatically take action without requiring human oversight. For instance, the system assigns a performance score to individual suppliers, and when corrective action needs to be taken the system can automatically notify the relevant supplier without human input. Another example includes finding and shipping inventory to meet unfilled orders and capture untapped revenue.



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