Compact, Hands-Free Orbital Wrapper [New Products]

Compact, Hands-Free Orbital Wrapper [New Products]

The new TAB Wrapper Tornado Skinny Series orbital wrapping machines from TAB Industries can wrap low-profile and limited-length products in plastic film for secure storage, warehousing and transportation without the need for pallets, boxes or containers. Suitable for wrapping bars, tubes, tires, building products, rolled goods like carpet and insulation, and other products, the new, semi-automatic orbital wrappers allow a single operator to feed the products from a roller conveyor or roller ball table and wrap them hands-free via foot pedal control.

A variable frequency drive provides operator control over the wrapping speed for fast production and safe operation.

Developed for packaging, shipping and material handling managers, the new TAB Wrapper Tornado Skinny Series wrappers are designed on a compact footprint with a wrapping ring diameter from 40-80 inches and a choice of five- or 10-inch wide, machine grade stretch film rolls to offer the TAB Wrapper technology sized for palletless products without over-specifying the machinery. The original TAB Wrapper Tornado line of orbital wrappers was developed to wrap palletized loads to their pallets as a single unit.

TAB Industries LLC

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