Comparison Shopping for Bulk Containers and Carts [New Products]

Comparison Shopping for Bulk Containers and Carts [New Products]

MODRoto is offering flash drives loaded with product information sheets for 50 of its bulk containers, utility trucks and carts. The free 8GB flash drives provide sizes, dimensions, capacities, standard features, custom options and other detailed product information to help material handling professionals comparison shop to select the right bulk containers for their operations.

The flash drives include literature for MODRoto’s UN-, DOT-approved P-291 bulk forklift container, which features the company’s patent-pending fastening system that keeps the bulk container covered even if flipped upside down to safeguard against accidental spills during transport. It also includes literature for the company's bulk trucks and versatile utility carts, along with a series of case studies and informative articles.

To get the flash drives, email [email protected] with your name, company and mailing address.



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