Consumer-Driven Business Network Solution [New Products]

Consumer-Driven Business Network Solution [New Products]

One Network Enterprises has introduced Real Time Value Network (RTVN) version 18.0, an intelligent consumer-driven business network for companies across a range of vertical markets, including retail, CPG, electronics, automotive, defense, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and logistics services.

V18.0 delivers new capabilities in real-time global demand and supply match by extending transportation capabilities with intelligent self-learning algorithms, and predictive analytics to resolve last-minute execution issues. One Network’s Optimized Execution services continuously optimize transportation operations, replenishment and warehouse execution simultaneously and across all trading partners.

V18.0 spans store ordering, replenishment, transportation, allocation, and integrated business planning tailored for retail chains. V18.0 continuously senses and learns point-of-sale demand and adjusts store forecasts. It translates to, and orchestrates, needed replenishments of purchase items even in constrained supply situations, to maximize customer service, maintain store in-stock and minimize purchase/logistics costs.

For the defense industry, V18.0 meets key logistics and auditability U.S. DoD compliance directives. This includes an auditable process mandate to ensure traceability and visibility. This is particularly important for Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR), and support for the Defense Logistics Management Standard (DLMS), which is the next generation of interoperability and digital information exchange between devices and systems for the military.

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