Customizable Spiral Cage Conveyor Belts [New Products]

Customizable Spiral Cage Conveyor Belts [New Products]

Cambridge Engineered Solutions has introduced Variable Cambri-Link and Variable DuraLite (shown), two highly customizable conveyor belts for spiral cage applications that can proof, cool and freeze baked goods such as bagels, breads and pizza shells as well as packaged foods, including ice cream and frozen entrees.

The two patented products—both adaptations of existing fixed-size Cambridge belts—allow end-users to specify desired opening widths during Cambridge factory production to achieve the correct support, air-flow and strength-to-weight ratio for specific products.

Opening widths for Variable Cambri-Link—a 1.08-inch-pitched belt (27.4 millimeters) for relatively small products—can be expanded to desired sizes up to 3 inches (77.2 millimeters). Variable DuraLite—a 1.3-inch-pitched belt (33 millimeters)—is also customizable and opening widths can be closed as low as .75-inches (19 millimeters). Variable DuraLite is 18% to 20% lighter in weight than Cambri-Link. Both belts can be tailored to any application.

Cambridge Engineered Solutions


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