On-Demand Label Printing [New Products]

On-Demand Label Printing [New Products]

Loftware Inc. has released Loftware Spectrum 2.6, a 100% browser-based, all-in-one enterprise labeling solution. Spectrum 2.6 includes Application Architect, a new feature that enables users to create and manage complex applications, eliminating the need for customers to build their own user interfaces for on-demand label printing.

Application Architect empowers users to simplify the label printing process by making the development and maintenance of on-demand labeling applications faster and easier. Offering a new level of control for data input, Application Architect enables Spectrum users to design complex, intelligent data entry pages with drag and drop ease and to dynamically make decisions based on input from the user.

Application Architect links pages together to create a “wizard” that guides the end user down the appropriate path based on their selections. This removes any guesswork from the print operator and reduces the occurrence of mislabeling.

The release of Spectrum 2.6 builds more intelligence into the print process to enhance the user experience and remove the need to build custom applications outside of the enterprise labeling environment. Application Architect empowers end users to make the necessary decisions to print exactly what they want, when they want it, without deviating from a standard process.

Loftware Spectrum also includes Object Navigator, which allows users to browse, search, move, create and simultaneously interact with single or multiple objects including labels, images, printers. The Object Navigator enhances usability and adds flexibility to navigate within Spectrum, enabling users to view content in a highly scalable, usable, consistent fashion.

Loftware Inc.

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