Diesel Engine-Powered Forklifts [New Products]

Diesel Engine-Powered Forklifts [New Products]

UniCarriers Americas Corp. (UCA) has introduced its new FK Series diesel engine-powered forklifts with capacity options between 4,000 and 7,000 pounds, powered by the new EPA Tier 4, CARB-certified ZD30 diesel industrial engine.

This new Advanced Turbo Diesel engine utilizes electronically-controlled fuel injection, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a diesel oxidation catalyst to provide emission levels below EPA Tier 4 requirements with near elimination of particulate matter. No regeneration or “burn off” time is required..

The FK Series offers full-suspension seats with lumbar support adjustments and non-cinching seatbelts for operator comfort and support. The series’ Operator Presence System automatically locks lift and tilt operations when the operator leaves the seat. The presence system also includes audible and visual warning if either the seat belt is not engaged or the parking brake has not been applied prior to the operator exiting the compartment.

Other standard features for the FK Series include:

• Computer-controlled electronic engine system with common rail fuel injection.

• Cooled-exhaust gas recirculation and diesel oxidation catalyst.

• Engine and transmission protection and warning system.

• Single-speed power shift transmission with full-floating powertrain.

• Multi-function LCD with onboard diagnostics and programmable service reminders, warning lights and engine coolant temperature gauge and other    helpful indicators.

UniCarriers Americas Corp. (UCA)

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