Digital Platform for the Warehouse [New Products]

Digital Platform for the Warehouse [New Products]

SensorThink has launched a digital platform built for the demands of the warehouse. Every piece of information can be collected, processed and analyzed, as SensorThink ties all of the elements of production, performance and execution into one platform.

The SensorThink platform lets the user manage material handling automation, security, HVAC lighting and maintenance systems in one environment. This information can be captured from Internet of Things (IoT) and non-IoT enabled devices, including machines and sensors, and directly from other software solutions.

As part of the solution SensorThink has also introduced a packaged warehouse execution system (WES) and warehouse control system (WCS), built on top of the platform. These packaged solutions are flexible, scalable and configurable to meet automated warehouse needs. This is independent of the material handling provider, allowing the user to select the right material handling solution for your facility. Additionally, the solutions are built to accept IoT enabled devices as they become more mainstream in warehousing operations.

Sitting on top of the SensorThink platform is a data analytics engine. SensorThink analytics will let users view and analyze information in near real-time within the facility or to serve as a control tower across their distribution network. This cross-platform analytics capability will allow the user to see the effect of their facility’s operating conditions on worker and system performance.



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