Digital Supply Chain Cloud Platform [New Products]

Digital Supply Chain Cloud Platform [New Products]

Jabil Circuit Inc. has introduced InControl, a supply chain SaaS decision support platform designed to deliver meaningful business insights. With InControl, users can connect, collect and validate large amounts of supply chain data to realize tangible business outcomes throughout the product lifecycle.

InControl SaaS is a multi-tenant, intelligent digital supply chain cloud platform that provides ubiquitous connectivity, advanced analytics and machine learning technologies to optimize real-time decision-making for supply chain practitioners. The cloud platform also ingests structured and unstructured data across the entire ecosystem, connecting with ERP, MRP, sales & operations planning, transportation, financial reporting, and third-party content providers, including weather, geo-mapping and other software.

In concert with the cloud platform, Jabil has developed five integrated applications to provide visibility, collaboration, risk management and diagnostics:

• Supply Chain Visibility: Gain insight through real-time reports and alerts on orders, compliance, event risk, problem resolution and financial performance.

• Event Risk: Minimize loss from unforeseen disruptions by recovering faster through instant alerts, impact analyses and detailed recovery options.

• Design for Supply Chain: Understand the impact of different product decisions and avoid high-risk components through early assessments during product design and prototyping stage.

• Risk Management: Reduce vulnerability and ensure proactive continuity through dynamic and customized risk scoring that weighs availability, complexity, delivery and other critical supply chain risk factors

• Supply Chain Diagnostics: Gain deep actionable insights across the demand and supply network to improve sourcing and partner collaboration while delivering root cause analysis of missed KPIs and key metrics.

Jabil Circuit Inc.


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