E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Solutions [New Products]

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Solutions [New Products]

Dematic has introduced a suite of new solutions for retailers and wholesalers looking to optimize their e-commerce order fulfillment capabilities. The company has designed multiple pick, pack and ship solutions to accommodate e-commerce requirements, such as small order sizes, seasonal/promotional peaks in order volume and reduction in processing time.

Dematic software and controls are designed with the modular flexibility needed to meet challenges unique to e-commerce. Dematic offers a variety of scalable solutions that can grow as a company’s business grows. Some examples include:

Batch Pick to Putwall: A piece-picking solution with an order consolidation module. Voice or light-directed picking, 100% scan verification, scalable to accommodate peak demand.

Zone Route: A discrete piece-picking solution for optimizing productivity, accuracy and speed. Automated flow of order containers to pick zones, modular design, with low to high capacity variations.

Dynamic Slotting: A high-density order fulfillment solution with a small footprint. Automated pick face replenishment, significant pick path reduction, and increased processing speeds.


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