Empty Carton Handling System [New Products]

Empty Carton Handling System [New Products]

The PACLINE empty carton handling system utilizes the PAC-LINE enclosed track overhead chain conveyor in combination with the UR10 Universal Robot. The UR10 robot, with motion tracking software, is configured to automatically load and unload cartons to and from the carriers on the moving overhead conveyor.

This robot facilitates a modern, employee safe, “collaborative” design.

Key features of the PAC-LINE conveyor system for empty carton handling include:

• Uses free overhead space to transport cartons from carton building area to pickers.

• Tight radius curves allow for easy installation around and over other equipment.

• Cartons and totes are delivered directly to pickers saving time and effort.

PACLINE will be at ProMat, booth #959

PACLINE Overhead Conveyors


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