End-to-End View of Mode Shipments [New Products]

End-to-End View of Mode Shipments [New Products]

Savi has introduced Savi Visibility, which delivers the ability to see end-to-end movement of multiple mode shipments and precisely predict when shipments will arrive at their destination.

Savi Visibility ingests live streaming data to provide an accurate view of shipment statuses and locations. Savi solutions consume and integrate billions of live streaming data points from the IoT, sensor readings, GPS, telematics and ocean vessel locations to reveal supply chain visibility. Savi’s machine learning models are applied to massive, live data streams to predict ETAs.

Savi Visibility can alert on late or trending late shipments, early arrivals, deviations from plan, and cargo tampering, allowing supply chain managers to focus attention where it’s needed. Savi's intuitive interface highlights events that require immediate action.


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