Energy-Efficient Fabric Structures [New Products]

Energy-Efficient Fabric Structures [New Products]

ClearSpan Fabric Structures has added three different length options to its HD Building solutions. The HD Buildings are available in both gable- and round-style designs and can be mounted as a freestanding structure or affixed to other foundations, such as ponywalls or containers. HD Buildings are made from triple-galvanized structural steel tubing for the frame and a 12.5 oz., high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rip-stop fabric cover.

Since there are no internal support posts, the building allows for maximum usable space. The fabric cover is available in several colors, and its permeable properties make it energy efficient as the polyethylene material allows the transmission of abundant natural light.

The HD buildings start at 25’ wide and pricing begins at $7.49 dollars per square foot. End panels and accessories are also available, but are sold separately.


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