Enterprise-Class Tablets [New Products]

Enterprise-Class Tablets [New Products]

Zebra Technologies Corp. has introduced the next-generation ET50 and ET55 tablet computers for enterprise asset intelligence. These new tablets offer a choice between the Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Android 5.1 (Lollipop) operating system and two different display sizes.

The ET50/55 is available with the Windows 8.1 OS and is Windows 10-ready. Windows gives access to legacy ERP systems and commonality to desktop solutions. The Android version of the ET50/55 tablet computer comes standard with Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx), providing enterprise-class security, device management and data capture capabilities. The Android tablets are also equipped with Zebra’s AppGallery, an Android enterprise app store providing ready-to-use apps.

New vehicle mount cradles are available for service technicians, delivery drivers and salespeople on the road while a forklift mount can handle most warehouse environments. Advanced scanning capabilities are available that can accurately and rapidly capture photos, NFC tags, bar codes in virtually any condition and on almost any surface. Hot-swappable batteries augment the built-in battery and deliver 24 x 7 power to field service, transportation and logistics, retail, warehouse, manufacturing and government employees.

The ET50 features Wi-Fi connectivity while the ET55 adds 4G LTE cellular connectivity, and both models offer an advanced capacitive touch display that enables gloved or ungloved usage and the ability to use a stylus or a finger for annotating and capturing signatures.

Zebra Technologies

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