Ergonomic Dumpster Mover [New Products]

Ergonomic Dumpster Mover [New Products]

American Sales Development (ASD) has added the XPRESS PLUS-200 (Dumpster Mover) to its line of electric powered tugs.

The self-contained, battery powered, walk-behind tug was developed to eliminate manual pushing or pulling of heavy and unwieldy dumpsters and other wheeled industrial carts and receptacles.

The unit includes a 24v battery pack and a spring-loaded fifth wheel with a dumpster compatible hook to handle loads up to 1500 lbs. This is equivalent to 250 lbs. drawbar pull capacity or roughly, the equivalent force exerted by 2.5 persons. The spring-loaded fifth wheel allows height adjustment of the hook when connecting to the tug and also helps to induce some of the weight of the dumpster onto the drive wheels of the tug, increasing its traction.

Use of this tug reduces the number of persons needed to move and the Push/Pull ability of the tug allows the operator to do more work with less effort.

Among the standard features available are an ergonomic height adjustable handle assembly, variable forward and reverse speed controls, on board battery charger that operates on 110V AC, and safety features such as a kill switch, belly button and horn.

American Sales Development LLC. (ASD)


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