Ergonomic Swivel Casters [New Products]

Ergonomic Swivel Casters [New Products]

Hamilton Caster has introduced its Ergo-X2 Caster Series of swivel casters, which are designed to minimize force to push or pull carts.

Swivel casters on carts normally have some offset—the horizontal distance between the centerline of the swivel and the wheel’s point of contact on the ground. When two or more swivel casters become misaligned as a cart comes to rest, a bind occurs when the cart operator tries to push it. In some cases, that bind can be significant—and unacceptable under strictly enforced ergonomic safety standards.

The Ergo-X2’s patented technology reduces these binding forces. Typical swivel assemblies in a caster only have one pivot point. The Ergo-X2 essentially provides a second pivot point—two precision machined ball races with the centerlines offset (traditional swivel bearing raceways share a centerline). Invisible from the exterior, this assembly gives the wheels more freedom to move.

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.


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