Extended Length Bulk Boxes [New Products]

Extended Length Bulk Boxes [New Products]

Buckhorn has introduced a 62” x 48” extended length bulk box that offers maximum trailer cube utilization, allowing more containers to fit in a 53’ trailer. The extended length boxes have a 2,000-lb. capacity and also inter-stack with Buckhorn’s existing 64" x 48" product offering. The containers are available in 34”, 44” and 50” heights. Both the 44” and 50” heights feature a tall, one-piece base with 10” of storage for dunnage, allowing the panels to be collapsed for return shipment.

Buckhorn’s extended length bulk boxes are designed for products such as automotive trim parts, hoses, pipes, harnesses and other long, awkwardly shaped items. They collapse flat in seconds and stack for storage and return shipment. Hand-hold areas on the panels provide a comfortable grip for assembling and collapsing the containers.

Buckhorn Inc.

TAGS: Warehousing
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