Fabric Dunnage [New Products]

Fabric Dunnage [New Products]

ORBIS Corp. has introduced fabric dunnage, a combination of ergonomically-friendly dunnage materials designed to be a flexible and customizable solution for the most challenging packaging requirements. This follows the recent re-branding of the company’s entire line of protective dunnage as ORBIShield.

Fabric has been an increasingly popular dunnage choice among assembly manufacturers in recent years. Its ability to protect parts of various sizes, complex geometry, and Class-A surfaces provides an alternative for companies in need of shipping a large, and often ever-changing, variety of components.

Whereas typical rigid foam and divider sets are usually designed to fit a specific part perfectly for the duration of its life, fabric dunnage has sewn cells and pockets that can be used for an array of different parts with different specifications—allowing the fabric to be used to fit a range of parts, repeatedly, over the life of the dunnage.

This dunnage is industrially sewn, in all types of materials, with a variety of features to meet the protection requirements, from double seams to reinforced bottoms. It can be designed for a variety of containers, from small hand-held totes to bulk collapsible containers to side-loading Maximus containers to metal racks.

Orbis Corp.

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