Forklift Automation Technologies [New Products]

Forklift Automation Technologies [New Products]

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced an Auto Positioning System which enables a forklift to take the most effective route to the next rack location.

When a pick location is entered manually or shared through a linked warehouse management system (WMS), the Auto Positioning System controls the truck’s blend of lift and travel to optimize the time required to reach and automatically stop at the rack location. 

Also, Crown’s new Auto Fence operator-assist technology is designed to promote safety and reduce the risk of product, truck and facility damage. This is accomplished by using RFID tags to set up speed or height zones in very narrow aisles, automatically slowing travel speed, stopping or limiting truck height based on the location of the truck. 

The Auto Positioning System and Auto Fence are first available with new Crown TSP Series turret trucks or as a retrofit option for Crown TSP Series trucks in the field. The Crown TSP Series’ fully adjustable MoveControl seat features integrated controls on the cushioned armrest and can be positioned at various degrees to allow the operator to choose the optimum position for each task.

Crown Equipment Corp.

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