Forklift Battery Charger [New Products]

Forklift Battery Charger [New Products]

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced the V-Force High-Frequency Economy (V-HFE) Series to its line of modular industrial battery chargers. With a compact design that uses less operational space, the new V-HFE Series is designed to maximize forklift battery life and increase energy efficiency, helping managers to reduce overall energy costs associated with forklift battery charging.

The V-HFE charger, which is compliant with California Energy Commission (CEC) regulations, is designed to provide lighter-duty applications and smaller operations with a high frequency charging solution to suit almost any flooded battery. It uses a constant current—constant voltage—constant current charge profile to reduce the amount of battery-damaging heat generated during charging. Charge termination is determined by the change in voltage over time, preventing over- and undercharging.

The V-HFE charger’s front panel screen allows users to select the charging profile (conventional or cold storage). Lights on the screen indicate when the battery is charging, if a fault has occurred and when charging is complete. The charger occupies 67% less space than typical charger cabinets, allowing it to be installed almost anywhere within a warehouse, including mounted on a wall or rack. The series features a range of voltage specific models that will charge between 300 to 1,200 amp hour batteries via conventional charging method.

Crown Equipment Corp.

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