Forklift Battery Performance Monitor [New Products]

Forklift Battery Performance Monitor [New Products]

Crown Equipment Corp. has introduced the Battery Health Monitor, which combines Crown’s InfoLink wireless fleet and operator management system to create an integrated system that ties forklift, operator and lead-acid battery data together under one program.

Installed on the battery, the Battery Health Monitor connects battery, forklift and operator by monitoring real-time data on battery activity. It captures battery performance during operation for each battery individually, which enables operators and managers to make timely and more proactive decisions as opposed to reactive decisions when the battery begins to fail.

Using Crown’s Battery Health Monitor, managers can know when the temperature of the battery exceeds a predetermined threshold and compare it with additional data, like water levels or last equalization, while it is operating. This type of information can help managers create a performance profile for each battery that can track operation throughout a given time period or for a particular application to ensure optimal performance.

The Battery Health Monitor works with any forklift as long as it is equipped with Crown’s InfoLink as part of the fleet management system’s Advantage Plan. The device uses Bluetooth to pair automatically with the forklift’s InfoLink module, which delivers the relevant battery and maintenance data collected by the monitor to a cloud-based management portal where it can be accessed through intuitive InfoLink dashboards. Instantaneous alerts on predetermined thresholds can be delivered to managers through email or text messages, allowing them to take action anytime or anywhere.

Crown Equipment Corp.


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