Forklift Battery Watering Monitors [New Products]

Forklift Battery Watering Monitors [New Products]

Philadelphia Scientific has introduced a new line of Blinky forklift battery watering monitors. The monitors all have brighter LED lights—two to eight times brighter than the previous models—making them more visible to forklift operators and battery room personnel. The monitors feature an installation “forgiveness zone,” which reduces the potential for damaging the monitors due to improper installation.

The Blinky family of battery watering monitors includes:

Smart Blinky Remote—Featuring green and red LEDs contained in a single housing that are six times brighter than the previous model. Smart Blinky Remote steadily flashes green when electrolyte levels are okay. When electrolyte levels are low, the red LED flashes rapidly, providing clear indication that watering is required. The monitor’s Smart Sensing Technology protects against false fill signals and premature watering, minimizing boil overs. The improved Smart Blinky Remote also features a wider voltage operating zone. This Blinky is suitable for batteries that do not leave the lift truck or for batteries that are charged on multi-level racks. For such applications, the indicator LED can be edge mounted for high visibility.

Smart Blinky—Like Smart Blinky Remote, Smart Blinky features red and green flashing LEDs in a single housing to indicate that a battery needs watering or is okay. The new LEDs are eight times brighter than the previous model. The improved Smart Blinky also features Smart Sensing Technology and a wider voltage operating zone.

Blinky Basic—The new Blinky Basic’s green light is twice as bright as the previous model. It flashes steadily when electrolyte levels are okay and goes out when water is needed. The LED housing provides for long-term reliability.

All three Blinky monitors are UL Classified.

Philadelphia Scientific


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