Forklift Fleet Analytics and Telematics [New Products]

Forklift Fleet Analytics and Telematics [New Products]

iWAREHOUSE has introduced iWAREHOUSE Evolution, which provides analytics tools for warehouse managers, allowing them to promote operator accountability and monitor compliance, risk management, and metrics for their industrial vehicle fleet, operators and batteries.

With patented core technology, iWAREHOUSE Evolution guides a business from the essential features of a telematics solution to the enterprise level as business needs evolve. iWAREHOUSE Evolution provides enterprise-level functions such as load sensing, task selection, cellular communications, multisite hosting, labor management system integration and professional services.

The telematics solution is operable on hundreds of makes and models of powered industrial vehicles to provide managers with enhanced visibility to their fleets across multiple facilities, allowing for a complete view of an enterprise’s operations, regardless of the equipment. 

iWAREHOUSE / The Raymond Corp.


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