Keytroller Infomatics

Forklift Fleet Management Software

Keytroller has introduced its advanced forklift fleet management software Infomatics, a server, cloud or web-based software that provides data transfers and granularity by enabling roles such as admin, local admin and supervisor.

Informatics is available in several configurations: installed on a client’s internal server (on premise), or via a SaaS web server subscription plan by Keytroller.

Infomatics delivers extensive reporting through its dashboard, detailing such items as: impacts; speeding; maintenance; OSHA reports; fleet utilization with runtime, worktime and efficiency; failed checklist items; operations with upcoming and expired training date(s); power lost events; unreported vehicles; vehicles that fail to start; running loaded vs unloaded time; moving vs idle time.

Further, the Infomatics dashboard provides comprehensive operator management which provides personal information about each operator, their access level, their RFID card or keypad code, profile image, assigned trainings and more.

Simultaneously, extensive vehicle management is accessible, which delivers each vehicle’s make, model, serial number, image, class or subclass, and time zone by location.

Keytroller LLC

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