Forklift Hydraulic Weighing System [New Products]

Forklift Hydraulic Weighing System [New Products]

Alliance Scale Inc. has introduced a hydraulic weighing system which includes a weight indicator that displays lock weight for stable viewing and totalizing with recall.

The Alliance/Cambridge Ruff-Weigh 50 Hydraulic Weighing System installs in under five hours without proximity switches or welding and adds weighing capability to a forklift. Featuring an onboard weight indicator with net and gross display modes, full range auto tare, and all pushbutton controls, operators can view the individual weight of a load as well as total weight.

Accurate to within 1–2% error of forklift capacity, the weighing system has 1 to 5 points of digital calibration with adjustable digital filtering, has an RS232 interface, and runs on 12 vdc. The aluminum enclosure mounts with a stainless steel bracket, and a 15 ft. hydraulic hose equalizes spikes to protect the transducer.

Alliance Scale Inc.

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