Forklift for Indoor and Outdoor Use [New Products]

Forklift for Indoor and Outdoor Use [New Products]

UniCarriers Americas Corp. (UCA) has introduced the Platinum II Nomad series lift truck, which features the flexibility to use the compact lift truck both indoors and outdoors.

Built on a smaller frame, typical for warehouse or other indoor applications, UniCarriers’ Nissan Forklift brand Nomad series lift truck rides on solid pneumatic tires, which allow an indoor truck to traverse outside on paved surfaces. They are available in 3,000-, 3,500- and 5,000-pound capacity models.

The Nomad series is powered by the company’s K21 industrial engine. This low-emission, 2.1-liter engine runs on LPG (an optional gas/LP dual-fuel system is also available). The vehicles feature precision maneuverability in confined spaces, intuitive operation systems and rugged construction.

This Nomad line-up is designed for increasing efficiency in rental equipment operations, unique or limited-space applications, retail centers with seasonal sales, nurseries or garden centers, home improvement stores and any other operation needing extreme flexibility in material handling operations.

Nomad series forklifts are equipped with a standard seat-actuated operator presence system that automatically locks lifting and tilting when the operator exits the truck. The models also offer a range of standard features for operator comfort and efficiency.

UniCarriers Americas Corp. (UCA)

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