Four-directional Reach-Fork Truck [New Products]

Four-directional Reach-Fork Truck [New Products]

The Raymond Corporation has introduced the Model 7310 4-D Reach-Fork truck with four-directional travel capability, allowing increased storage space and aiding operators in handling long, bulky loads with less damage. The truck includes Raymond’s ACR system—a combination of AC technology and ergonomics.

The new Reach-Fork truck also includes new features to help operators work with maximum efficiency in narrow aisles, storing and retrieving loads with unprecedented precision.

Designed to fit in small spaces, Raymond’s new four-directional truck can help reduce aisle widths to create up to 40% more storage space. The four-directional travel capabilities are designed to improve maneuverability and efficiency, meeting the needs of a typical reach truck user who has to handle loads wider than the common pallet width.

The Raymond Corporation

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