Freight Storage Solution [New Products]

Freight Storage Solution [New Products]

Kinedyne has introduced the E-Hook, a wall-mounted, freight loading storage solution for linear, flexible and hard-to-stow cargo. It is designed to help reduce freight damage and can turn empty wall space into a usable storage area for tubes, pipes, beams, cables, hoses, ladders and similar items.

The E-Hook mounts securely to any vertically installed A-Track, E-Track or logistic post system. Users insert the E-Hook’s patented brackets into the track slots and slide them down until they are securely seated.

The product has a working load limit of 300 pounds. Multiple hooks can be mounted to accommodate longer cargo and the E-Hook can be installed at different heights along a wall to support freight with contoured shapes.

The device is also designed with an eye-loop at its outer end, enabling cargo securement products to be hooked in for additional cargo stability and security. It is made of clear zinc-plated steel with a slip-resistant coating of orange vinyl in its cradle area.

Kinedyne LLC

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