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BluJay Global Trade Network version 19.0.0 delivers an ecosystem of supply chain applications powered by the Global Trade Network (GTN).

BluJay Solutions has introduced BluJay Global Trade Network version 19.0.0, which delivers expanded multimodal capabilities, new integrations, and additional countries and languages to help companies manage trade and the movement of goods around the world. BluJay’s cloud-based technology platform delivers an ecosystem of supply chain applications powered by its Global Trade Network (GTN).

Highlights of BluJay’s GTN version 19.0.0 include:

Transportation Management. Version 19.0.0 expands air, ocean and rail mode capabilities with the addition of air rating, dimensional weight capture, automatic creation of drayage legs, and improved rail reporting and visibility including turnover and reload. Automated mode determination for parcel/LTL shipments allows shippers to select the “best” option between LTL and parcel, considering cost or service, or a combination of the two. Integration with 10-4 carrier tracking system provides real-time location of freight, arrivals, departures, and geofencing. Language support for Bahasa Indonesian, a standardized dialect of Malay, was also added.

Yard Management. Enhanced workflow configurations provide the ability for users to configure multiple workflows in BluJay’s Yard Management, which is integrated with Transportation Management and MobileSTAR. Yard Management now offers support for iOS and Android tablet browsers, providing users the ability to run the application on a tablet. 

Customs Management. BluJay’s multi-country, multi-language customs management solution enables trade across multiple regions from a single platform. The new release adds many new country and regime enhancements.

Parcel. BluJay’s Parcel solution is an enterprise class multi-carrier shipping management system that supports complex, high-volume, multi-location, international, and domestic shipping. This update adds enhanced cloud Parcel black box workflow, along with invoice visibility and reporting.   

MobileSTAR provides real-time tracking and last-mile routing across the supply chain. BluJay has added the ability to use OCR to capture data. Proximity notifications have also been added; where previously an “in transit” status was available from depot to stops, now drivers can publish proximity and estimated arrival time notifications to the receiver at each stop along a route for more accurate customer planning. 

Control Tower. A core component of the GTN, Control Tower provides transparency and synchronization across an organization’s supply chain and supports workflow between partners. In release 19.0.0, BluJay implemented significant improvements to the dashboard, which starts with an at-a-glance graphical view of all statuses for a simple visual of key performance indicators, with the ability to drill down into further details.

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